My Funny Story in a Chatting App

I was full of hope to find a boyfriend from a BBW dating app since my sister told me she just knew his boyfriend from a curvy dating app. I thought it was time I should have a boyfriend,too. Being single for about 22 years, I may end this situation and I askd what kind of dating app she had and I downloaded the same one. But my story in a hookup dating app was not as good as her and I wanted to share this with your guys for fun.

After downloading the app, I started to brush the page crazily to see if there were local handsome men. Well, I should say this app fitted my needs so much. My biggest feeling is that it’s simple and direct.

Beauty was the most critical key. The system will recommended you the Good looking females and handsome males preferentially Then, if you are a VIP, you could get the priority to chat with them. I was not very rich, but to be honest, no one hated to have a chat with a good-looking guy? But for me, I felt very happy just thinking a handsome boy was talking to me. I admitted that I paid grat attention to the good looking. And quickly, two days later, this man asked me out for dinner. Of course, I said yes and I exchanged my phone number and also, I asked if the photo in his profile was him or not. He said yes. I thought I was so lucky to meet a nice guy in a short time. I was so looking forward to this date. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

As this was my first date with an online partners, I hoped I could havebetter performance and I asked my sister for help. She gave me many tips and I could still remember. She asked me if I had exchanged our phone number and photo which I did. And she asked me the place we will meet in. I did all she mentioned and I thought thing would ge well as I wished. I met him in a crowded bar and he asked if I would like to have some drinks and I said yes. And I saw he talked with a waitor near him. I didn’t know what he was talking about. He found an excuse to go WC and I said I would wait for him. But at this time, the waitor came straight to me and he asked me to pay the bill.

I didn’t know what I had orderd and asked for the fee. The waitor replyit was 200USD. I was shocked because I just said yes to my partner’s choice and at that time, I realized I was cheated by my partner. He was a beer salesman who cheated on girls to pay for the expensive beers. And when paying ,he would found an excuse to leave. Fine, it was my mistake. I shouldn’t believe online partners so much and I paid the bill.

This was a funny story but I hope girls can not believe online partners so much.