3 dating tips from women for men

Now that you have entered the world of online BBW dating and be surrounded by all those online one night hookup apps, let me tell you what women are like. Here are some tips we get from women talking about how they wish their date would be like.

What happens when someone sends us a greeting message? We delete it. We do not respond. We will not ask them questions about themselves. If you lack creativity, then any response is a waste of our precious time. Let us face the reality, there are many other information we must read through.

Talking to women online requires respect and skill. With this in mind, here are some common mistakes that men make when talking to women on hook up apps.

Don't jump directly to sexual topics.
The most typical red flag is not a plain-looing appearance, but instead, using a nickname to refer to us, such as honey or babe. We have never seen you before, but you have tried to impose an intimate relationship that is neither popular nor suitable. The current situation is that we try to get to know each other. Basically, you should try to understand each other, and you have acted like our boyfriend. This is a dangerous signal everywhere. In this case, men need to be able to control their expectations and behavior when talking to us. We should be treated as a person, not your child, or your girlfriend. Think of us as someone you don't know and you want to know. Because the situation is just like this. When you act too intimately in the icebreaker's message, you look like a creeper. It's very likely that you just don't know how to talk to women, and those who think they are familiar with this and have this expectation may also be a player or a fool. So it's important to understand what the situation is and how women want to be treated, and what you should do.

Don't ask yes or no questions
This does not mean that you are a jerk, but this is the dead end of a conversation. You want to ask some open questions. The woman you want to flirt with is feeling comfortable when talking about themselves.

Go through her image on hookup apps. If you find that she likes the band you like, talk about it. You don't just want to talk about how good their album is, and you want to ask other things that she likes. Give her a reason to respond. Women like to talk about themselves the most. Trust me. When a man takes the initiative to talk about what we like or our own, it produces an energy, a motivation to give and demand. This is super great!

Don't be flattering
Girls like compliment, but there is a balance between giving proper compliment and being flattering. You can say that you had a great time with her. Or you can say that she has beautiful eyes. But you can’t praise how skinny she is when it is obvious that she might be 200 pounds. Just be objective and honest.