A Little Bit about Online Dating

We often hear people talking about online dating that there are all kinds of people on those online dating apps, and they don't know when they might join the online dating army. There are good and bad deeds about online dating. In short, everyone must keep their eyes open!

Are people who use online dating apps unattractive?
It's hard to say. Facial attractiveness is a very objective feature due to different aethetic standards. If you really encounter someone that you can't appreciate his/her beauty, then it's understandable that she/he isn't your type. You are not attractive to me and I am not blind. We won't be happy together.

Online dating or hookup is a very virtual thing, but now you can video chat with them, through which you can have a general understanding of their appearance and the manner of talking. If you don't like that person, then no one can force you to like him/her. It's totally normal that everyone loves beauty.

The Internet is virtual. We don't know whether the strangers we chat with on the other end of the Internet are male or female, good or bad, and the appearance of some beauty-make softwares make it difficult to tell what exactly the other person looks like. So it is easy to be deceived.

How to find out his/her intention when we go online?
We can find out that person's intention through words, deeds and actions. You can feel whether you are liked or disliked. For example, if you are very talkative in front of him, while he always plays the role of a not-so-good listener, then this might be a sign to howcase that he might not be so interested in you. It's all up to your instinct.

Will online dating lead to any results?
From safety perspective: It is difficult to obtain the true information of the other party when you are both online. In most cases, you can only know the account information used for contact, while the phone number or other information is usually uncovered. Of course, if you need to meetup in real life, you may decide where to meet. But when two people meet in reality and one party is hurt, how can we find each other? It's difficult, because phone number can be changed. The meeting place might be just a place you choose randomly.

From the emotional point of view: Basically, online dating is all about feelings and pleasure. There are many reasons for people who choose online dating sites. For example, loneliness, flirt, unsatisfactory married life, fraud, premeditated robbery, abduction and so on. The true internal causes of online dating cannot be investigated through the Internet. When one party has a sincere yearning for online dating, while the other party does not, tragedies can easily happen.

From a psychological point of view: Online dating has an illusory charm when you can't meet each other face-to-face. Online dating will become more mysterious and attractive due to our personal fantasies, which makes people intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves. Online dating is like joining a party in which everyone is required to wear mask. You can freely release your deepest side that is unknown to others. However, we have been living in the framework of the social background, and it is impossible to completely release our true self. Online dating offers an opportunity to let out the beast and have a moment of free fun.