Avoid doing like this when crossdressing

Do you like crossdressing? Are you a beginner of crossdressing? If you are a new comer of crossdressing, you may don't know how to start to crossdress. You can follow this article and crossdress in a right way.

If you are a male to female crossdresser or trans women, don't wear your wife's clothes. Size is very important, you should know that the size of men and women's clothes is different from each other. You need to dress appropriately for any occassion. If her close is okay for you, you should ask her for advice first. In most cases, your wife wants you to wear your own clothes.

Don't fear to shopping in women's store

Many transgender women and crossdressers are afraid of shopping in the store, so they choose to shop online. I cannot deny that online shopping is a great choice, but you cannot feel and touch your goods when shopping online. The enjoyment of shopping is to try on different clothes and choose the best one to buy. You cannot enjoy the fun of shopping when shopping online.

Don't buy some cheap wigs and clothes with low quality. Wig is as important part of crossdressing, it should look real. You'd better choose wigs and clothes with high quality, it doesn't mean you need to buy something you cannot afford.

No heavy make-up

For all of the positive effects on looking and feel good, large amount of make-up soon start to negatively impact on the way people perceive and individuals honesty and beauty-appreciation. You should look like a woman, not a queen. If you don't know how to make up, you can ask cosmetologist and female friends for help.

Don't try false eye lashes until you can do it well

You need to practice more before doing that. Wide hip doesn't mean you are sexy, it should be proportionate to your body shape. The first step in a slim look is to wear clothes that are the right size, not too loose and definitely not too tight. Corset should be comfortable, a body shaper is also needed if you want to look slim and sexy.

Don't wear weird clothes

Dress for your age, don't too young, or too old. You can try different styles and find the best one for you. If you want to blend in other people, you need to dress appropriately, dress like common people. In a word, you should always remember to dress like an ordinary woman.
Try to find clothes without too many embellishments or ruffles. Too much accessories would result to casual get up, and make sure your accessory is fit for your clothes.

Don't wear heels that are too high.

High heels become a bad thing when they are too high, worn for too long, or you walk too far in them. Most importantly, you may walk unnatural with too high heels.
Don't be nervous when you come out as a woman for the first time. The best way to avoid being nervous is to carefully plan. Keep confident when you first come out, it makes you look natural and beautiful.